Trader Joe’s – Dark French Roast

16 Aug


Trader Joe’s Ultra Dark Roast Blends: Dark French Roast.  For a coffee it’s not bad.  For a french roast, it’s not great.  I have had better French Roasts and didn’t think this was smoky enough.  This Central American blend had a good flavor but the roast was not oily enough.  I like dark roasts and think this kind of roast works particular well with Indonesian beans.  Flavor is the most important aspect of a “ultra” dark roast.  Without flavor it’s just burnt.   Flavor comes from the soil, yes, but it also comes from the oils that coat the bean during the roasting process.  Just compare a light roast to a dark roast.  You can see the difference.

It’s a good bean but it’s not my favorite French Roast.  Hopefully I can get a blog up to prove this but until then, stay tired my friends.

The NoteCan:

Trader Joe’s Ultra Dark French Roast Coffee is a phenomenal blend of coffees selected from the rich, high mountain soils of Central America’s fertile rain forests.  Like a fine wine, this exceptional dark roast coffee reflects the care of its cultivation – in both body and flavor this is a coffee unmatched by the masses.  Bold, highly acidic and full-bodied with a smooth finish, Trader Joe’s Ultra Dark French Roast Coffee is an unbeatable way to start your day.


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