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Trader Joe’s – Las Nubes Estate Coffee from Nicaragua

3 out of 4

Presentation is everything.  Everything and everyone has an image to uphold.  A reputation to upkeep.  Back in my Greaser years I had the cigarette box rolled up in my tight white undershirt sleeve.  Back in my Disco years I had the flared out tight in the junk pants.  Back in my “Rebel against the town who has banned dancing” years I had the tight white tee shirt and tight in the junk jeans to wear.  It’s amazing how things come back around.  So to the coffee.  This Medium Roast from Trader Joe’s is the opposite of a date arranged by the internet.  The avatar sets high expectations and, for the most part, the actual coffee delivers.  This coffee sits pretty on the shelf inside a collectible (my word, not TJs) burlap bag.  It’s whole bean coffee so make sure you grind it before you leave (if that’s your bag baby).  It’s a smooth rich cup of coffee that has the common notes of a Central American coffee.  Nutty with a nice fruit sweetness to it.

And now for the ladies, some sweet pics:

Trader Joe's Las Nubes Estate Coffee from Nicaragua

Trader Joe's Las Nubes Estate Coffee from Nicaragua

Trader Joe's Las Nubes Estate Coffee from Nicaragua

Trader Joe's Las Nubes Estate Coffee from Nicaragua

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Trader Joe’s – Limited Edition Peaberry from Kauai

If Kona had a rebel brother it would be Kauai (talking about coffee here, not travel destinations.  They could be more like cousins in that regard).  This coffee has a very potent floral body with a very smooth finish.  The Medium roast is great for this bean as it has a lot of flavor to offer your tastebuddies.  Don’t let the label of Medium Roast fool you.  Much like Matt Damon buying a zoo but then you realize he’s really Jason Bourne, Peaberry from Kauai will surprise you.  Not sure if that sentence is grammatically correct but hopefully you’re picking up what I’m dropping.

Enjoy the Wisdom from this 10oz can:

Peaberry beans are very rare, occurring at a rate of about 5% in all coffee crops.  Only one of the beans inside the coffee cherry develops, rather than the normal two, leaving an ovoid bean – a peaberry.  These tiny beans, when selected from the rest of the crop, are prized for their remarkable concentration of flavor.

Trader Joe’s Limited Edition Peaberry from Kauai hails from a single origin coffee estate on this lush Hawaiian island.   Like most peaberry coffees, it boasts that remarkable flavor concentration.  We’ve given it a medium roast – in the cup, it’s medium-bodied and aromatic, with balanced acidity, floral notes and its smooth finish.

Now some Pics for the Ladies – and yes the Dudes too.


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Trader Joe’s – Organic Bolivian Blend


I have grown accustomed to one coffee blend on the shelf – Ethopian.  In fact, each time my wife goes to Trader Joes with my daughter, she (my daughter) will go and pick out that coffee and put it in the cart.  So on one fateful day when all three of us were walking down these tightly lined aisles I thought to myself, “Why don’t I try something else?”.  But when we got to the sacred section I stood with a complete stark motionless stare.  I had no idea what to get.  Once I came out of my realized coma I looked at my daughter who had no idea what to do.  She wanted to get me the coffee she has always gotten me.  So I said, “Sweetie, which coffee should papa try?”.  She looked at me and then at the shelves and quite simply said, “The orange one with the horses”.  I looked and sure enough was an orange tin with what appeared to be camels, but I dare not correct the one choosing my blend.  So I pick it up, read the label to make sure of two things:

1.  It’s caffeinated

2. It’s not flavored.

Once it has passed this inspection I went to the grinder and prepared my daughters recommendation.  This has revolutionized the way I will purchase coffee.

The orange one with the horses was the Organic Bolivian Blend that was a very desired taste.  It was smooth with a finish of sweet caramely tones.  I would recommend a simple dessert/pastry with this brew like a butter croissant or vanilla biscotti.

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Trader Joe’s – Organic Fair Trade Wake Up Blend {Coffee}


A big can.  A lot of coffee.  Now that I finished this blend it acts as a drum set for my daughter.  The container is a monster 28 oz. and I would be lying if I said I bought it because the blend sounding good.  I bought it because it was a good price for the amount you were getting.  Overall the coffee was interactive enough to keep my attention but not for long.  I would say this is a great coffee for guests of whom you are not too sure are that adventurous in taste but do enjoy a cup of coffee with dessert – or for that person you wake up next to and don’t really know them entirely but think they might like coffee.

Either way, if you like to host events, parties, people this is a good brew.  If you want more of a diverse taste there are more coffees TJ’s offers that I would suggest.

Here’s what the can has to say:

Wake up and smell the aroma of these glorious beans brewing in your morning cup of joe.  Organic Fair Trade Wake Up Blend Coffee will transport you to some of the finest coffee growing regions in the world.  Our beans are sourced from small-scale farms in Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Peru, where farmers are committed to organic and sustainable practices.

We’ve skillfully blended these 100% organic Arabica beans and had them medium roasted to our specifications.  It’s an easy drinking, well balanced brew with smooth body.  This rich coffee has a bright acidity and just a touch of natural sweetness, and with its lively flavor, we think it’s the perfect blend to jump start your day.

ROAST: Medium

NOTES: Nutty – Smooth and Well Balanced


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Trader Joe’s – Organic Fair Trade Shade Grown Ethiopian

Video Review

Try saying this with a mouthful of marshmallows – Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Shade Grown Ethiopian.  Ok, it’s probably not that hard.  I was actually trying to enhance SEO through organic searching capabilities.  Hopefully that is why you are reading this now (don’t worry, I get to coffee stuff).

This is by far my favorite coffee, ever.  No joke.  Better than any other kind I have tried.  The smell of the blend after the grind is fresh and citrusy.  The taste is crisp and clean.  The body of the drink hits the side of my tongue than falls forward to the front giving it a sweet aftertaste.  If this coffee was a woman I would divorce my wife, marry this blend and have many Organic Fair Trade Shade Grown Ethiopian kids (hopefully you didn’t google/bing “Ethiopian Kids” and landed here).  Let’s talk about the first five words at the beginning of this name.  It’s organic, it’s fair traded and it’s shade grown.  Someone was obviously feeling generous one day and decided to save the world with one blend.

Well, good job.  You are the Batman of brew.  For whatever it’s worth, I would highly recommend this.

Notes from the Can:

We offer a coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee.  It is in the forests of the Kaffa region that arabica coffee first grew wild.  This coffee has been roasted medium-dark to give you a rich tasting, medium body coffee with slight tart acidity and a floral aroma.  This coffee has it all – it’s Organic, Shade Grown and Fair Trade Certified, meaning farmers get a fair price on the purchase of these 100% Arabica green beans.

Some sweet a$$ pictures for the nickel folks:



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Trader Joe’s – Organic Fair Trade Honduran Coffee Marcala Region

Video Review

I love the way this coffee smells.  LOVE it.  It has a very sweet nutty aroma that my nose hugged.  That’s right – hugged it.  Get used to it.  Unfortunately the relationship doesn’t end very well with this bean.  It has a very smooth taste but not a lot of flavor profiles resound from this roasted Honduran.  If you are a cream and sugar gal/dude than pick some up.  South American beans are a great complement for cream and sugar.  However, if you are on the fence of what you want to get than I would recommend to not pick this up but try the Organic Fair Trade Shade Grown Ethiopian (my personal favorite of ALL coffee).

From the Can:

In Southwestern Honduras, in a growing region known as Marcala, a cooperative of coffee farmers grows and harvests these organic Arabica coffee beans.  Only coffee grown in this specific region can carry the Marcala name.  The area’s mountainous terrain and tropical climate, where rainfall averages more than 80 inches annually, provide excellent growing conditions, and the care & expertise of the farmers make the most of that environment, resulting in a smooth and well-balanced coffee.

The small farms that make up the cooperative are committed to quality of environmental stewardship, and ultimately, quality in every sip of this Organic Fair Trade Honduran Coffee.

Some sweet pics for the ladies (sorry dudes)


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Trader Joe’s – Organic Fair Trade Five Country Espresso Blend

Blend is a combination of different things creating a unique object.  Trader Joe’s combined five different things in order to create this dark espresso roast coffee.  El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and Sumatra:  Latin America with an Indonesian influence (it’s like a dancer in a gang or a Jet).  Espresso roast coffees are typically sweeter and known for their caramel notes.  This falls in line with this logic but with the blend aspect of this offering comes a more earthy body.  This is a great brew for an after dinner coffee and while I brewed it in a french press it would also work well in a stove top coffee maker (served in espresso demitasse cups).

Here is what the can remarks:

Trader Joe’s Fair Trade Certified Coffees help contribute to a better way of life for farmers and their families.  Fair Trade guarantees small-scale growers a fair price for their harvest, giving them access to better housing, healthcare and education.  By choosing Fair Trade Coffees from Trader Joe’s, you are supporting economic independence for coffee farming families, and getting a great tasting cup o’ Joe to boot.  Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Five Country Espresso is selected from the following countries:  El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Sumatra.  This dark espresso roast is strong, creamy, well balanced and rich in flavor.


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Trader Joe’s – Low Acid French Roast

When my wife was pregnant she had to drink Caffeine Free Coke.  She hated it.  It just wasn’t the same.  This is like the Caffeine Free Coke of the coffee.  It’s not that I hate it, it’s just that I don’t need to drink low acid coffee.  It has a very John Travolta album feel to it.  He was great in Grease but not in Slow Dancing.  This coffee would be good if you had to drink Low Acid coffee but, at this point in time, I have no other Low Acid coffee to reference it to.  All I can say is that it was drinkable.  If you can handle normal acidic coffee I would highly recommend Trader Joe’s Italian Roast for a dark roasted bean.

From the Cylindrical Coffee Container:

Sitting in a sidewalk cafe in Paris, taking in the views of the Seine, the Champs Elysees or perhaps the Louvre. Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

We’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s not Paris, it’s the coffee.

Trader Joe’s Low Acid French Roast Coffee brings the beauty and wonder of the City of Light to your cup, in the form of a dark, rich brew with full, strong, flavors, but without the strong acidity.  Prior to a long, slow roast, the beans are treated to a chemical-free, natural steaming process that removes some of their acidity, but not their flavor.  If you fantasize about the full flavors of dark roasted coffee, our Low Acid French Roast Coffee will make your dreams come true. Oui oui!



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Trader Joe’s – Costa Rica Peaberry

A chair with three legs can stand if it’s positioned like a stool.  A chair with a missing fourth leg cannot stand.  This deep philosophical statement is brought to you by Trader Joe’s Costa Rica Peaberry Coffee.  Not really, they have no affiliation with my thoughts.  But the principle applies to this roast.  This a bean with three legs that aren’t quite positioned correctly.  They could have taken this roast a little longer to get more of the Costa Ricaness (not a real word but it works here) out of it.  Don’t get caught up in “Peaberry”.  This doesn’t make it a better cup of coffee.  It’s just more rare of an occurrence, and we know how are society values rarity.

From the Can:

Peaberry beans are very rare.  Occurring at a rate of about 5% in all coffee crops.  Only one of the beans inside the coffee cherry develops, rather than the normal two, leaving an ovoid bean – a peaberry.  These tiny beans, when selected from the rest of the crop, are prized for their remarkable concentration of flavor.

Trader Joe’s Limited Edition Costa Rica Peaberry Coffee is grown in Costa Rica’s Orosi Valley Region at altitudes of up to 1400 meters above sea level.  The area offers a wealth of water, rich soil and perfect climate; ideal coffee growing conditions.

Trader Joe’s Costa Rica Peaberry is given a medium roast to bring out its beautifully balanced body, aroma, and acidity and to enhance the citrus, ripe fruit and brown sugar notes.

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Trader Joe’s – Bay Blend ULTRA Dark Roast

Do you know what is darker than dark roast?  Trader Joe’s ULTRA Dark Roast Bay Blend Coffee.  I don’t know why I feel compelled to capitalize ULTRA.  I guess it’s just the nature of the word.  If you are someone who enjoys the nature of the roast over the flavor profile of the bean than this may be for you.  However, for me it really distracted the common nuttiness flavors from the Colombian and Mexican High Grown coffee this blend uses.

Words from the Can:

Did you leave your coffee-loving hear in San Francisco?  Might you be fantasizing about that freshly brewed cup o’ joe you enjoyed on the water front in Seattle?

Your most fanantical fantasies (at least where coffee is concerned) can come true simply by brewing a pot of Trader Joe’s Bay Blend Coffee.  This enticing blend of Colombian Excelso and Mexican High Grown coffee beans is roasted just for us.  Our goal?  To bring everylasting joy to those who fancy the hearty, full flavors of the deeply roasted coffees that made both San Francisco and Seattle destination cities for coffee lovers the world over.

This exclusive blend of whole Arabica beans is ultra dark roasted to bring you out the natural oils in the beans. In the cup, the roast is medium-bodied, with an intense aroma and rich, dark, satisfying flavor.  Oh, joy, indeed.


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